For thousands of years man has been fascinated by our feathered friends. Birds have been kept by kings and queens, rich and poor, indoors and outdoors. So, as we move forward into this new millennium, we find ourselves in a situation predicted years ago...the bird industry is the fastest growing pet hobby in the country. With foresight, men and women in the northern Kentucky and southern Indiana area known as Kentuckiana, who kept birds as pets and as breeding stock, came together and established Kentuckiana Feathered Friends Bird Club.

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Kentuckiana Feathered Friends is dedicated to avian education, protection, preservation, research, rescue and rehabilitation.

Our Objectives

  • To encourage the public's interest in adding a feathered friend to their family.
  • To enourage the interest of bird enthusiasts in protecting birds, especially endangered spieces.
  • To study and dietary, emotional and physical requirements of birds and to promote better health care.
  • To keep in touch with bird club members through our monthly meetings, club website and newsletter.
  • To share new ideas, stories and experiences about our feathered friends.
  • To keep in touch with other bird clubs throughout the country and learn from their experiences.
  • To encourage and support research into the eradication of avian diseases that affect our feathered friends. 
  • To rescue, rehabilitate and find loving home for birds who are abused, or no longer wanted as a family member.